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Where Did Green Coffee Bean Extract Come From?

Where Did Green Coffee Bean Extract Come From?

Where Did Green Coffee Bean Extract Come From?

Coffee is one of the most important and widely traded crops around the world, being exported to a number of countries and is a common sight in breakfast tables around the globe. Green Coffee Bean Extract initially begins with Coffea, a group of flowering plants wherein their seeds, that are called coffee beans, are the ones used to make coffee. These plants are a member of the Rubiaceae family. They are characteristically shrubs or smaller trees that are quite common in the tropical regions of Asia and the southern parts of Africa.

Coffee beans also act as a natural crop protection mechanism against animal. That’s because the caffeine serves as a toxic substance found in the seeds which make animals shy away from consuming them. However, there are still insects that can damage the coffee plants. Some of these pests include the Hypothenemushampei or more commonly called as the coffee borer beetles and the Leucoptera caffeine or the coffee leaf miner. Coffee beans are widely used to produce coffee. Though they are actually seeds, they are incorrectly referred to as beans because of their sheer resemblance to real beans. The inner part of the purple and red fruits is called “cherries”.

It was during 1723 when the coffee plants were first introduced to America. Currently, South America is the largest producer and exporter of coffee and coffee beans, bearing more than 40% of the total export of coffee around the world. Most of the coffee harvested from South America comes from the plantations of Brazil.

Green Coffee Seeds are those coffee seeds that are either mature seeds but are left unroasted or unripe coffee seeds that still need more time to be processed. These can be processed, either by wet or dry methods wherein the outer pulp and mucilage are removed. Green Coffee Seeds also have a distinctive waxy outer layer. When these seeds are still young, they can be recognized with their green color.

But when they mature, these seeds change into brown then yellow or red coating. They weigh approximately at 300 mg per dried coffee seed.

There are volatile and non-volatile substances found in Green Coffee Seeds. An example is the substance caffeine which put off animals and insects from consuming them, serving as a protective mechanism for the plant. These compounds also add to the flavor when these coffee seeds are roasted. Among the non-volatile compounds of coffee beans include alkaloids, proteins and free amino acids. Carbohydrates can also be found in these seeds, adding to the wonderful aroma of roasted coffee and its overall action as well.

It was in the 2000’s that Green Coffee Bean Extract became popular and produced as a nutritional supplement. That is because studies have shown how chlorogenic acid significantly aids in the process of burning fat and losing weight.

The process in which coffee beans undergo to make the finished product coffee involves conversion of the coffee plant’s fruits. The “cherry” has its pulp removed which only leaves the coffee seeds or “beans” available to dry. This method in processing coffee beans may vary and can have an impact in the overall flavor of the roasted and brewed coffee.

The coffee production involves three (3) stages – the picking, the processing and the milling. The processing of the coffee beans are divided into two (2) types – the wet process, wherein the coffee beans’ outer layer is removed prior to drying and involves washing the coffee beans; and the dry process, wherein the unwashed coffee beans are cleaned and then immediately dried. The processed coffee is then taken to be milled to remove the last layers of the dried skin. After all that, the finished coffee beans are then stored in bags.

Green Coffee is often transported with the use of jute bags. Though Green Coffee Beans exhibit a long lifespan, their quality may decline depending on how they are stored. Jute bags are permeable and expose the coffee beans to the environment. It’s important that storing coffee beans should be properly observed so that its overall flavor is at its best.

The roasting process is what Green Coffee Beans avoid to ensure that Green Coffee Bean Extract is obtained. What roasting does is that it changes both the physical and chemical properties of the Green Coffee Beans. One of these chemical compounds includes chlorogenic acid which is important in preventing fat build up and its weight loss properties. Roasting is the one that produces the distinct flavor that coffee has by changing the color, taste and smell of the Green Coffee Beans. Chemical reactions occur, producing the finished product we all know as coffee. However, because of these changes, it should be taken note that Green Coffee Bean Extract can no longer be found in roasted and brewed coffee.

Shying away from this process of roasting or any form of processing that can potentially disturb the contents of Green Coffee Beans help in the preservation of chlorogenic acid – the compound that aids in burning fat and losing weight – leaving them naturally in their raw form and consistently high in amount. Chlorogenic acid is found in coffee plants but it is easily destroyed during the roasting process when these beans are utilized to make the coffee that most people are familiar with. To get the optimum amount of chlorogenic acid, it is important that Green Coffee Beans stay in their most natural forms but at the same time, turned into a form that can easily be consumed. It was later developed that Green Coffee Bean Extract is turned into a capsule form, allowing it to be readily consumable as a nutritional supplement.

However, it is still important that these Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules are protected from heat as the chemical structure of chlorogenic acid and other important compounds that help maintain its fat burning and weight loss properties may cause damage, rendering it lose effectiveness.

Despite the natural form of Green Coffee Bean Extract, it should also be remembered that it still contains caffeine.

What Makes a Feline Companion Great?

What Makes a Feline Companion Great?

What Makes a Feline Companion Great?

It isn’t surprising that many homes nowadays keep their own pets. If you’re one of those people who are still just planning on having a pet and still having trouble choosing, a feline companion might just be for you. Cats make great pets for a number of reasons when you compare them with other animals. Aside from being cute, cuddly and adorable, here are a few more reasons which make cats excellent pets at home and might make you want one as your own pet at home.


Whenever it comes to guests and visitors, cats aren’t the wild ones who chase. Instead of making a fuss about it, they usually stay quiet, keep their distance or hide in the favorite spot whenever a guest comes in your home. They make it less threatening for guests since they don’t bark or rush towards people. If they take a liking to visitors, you cat might just purr or gently brush on the legs of your guests.

Less Noise

Cats are often quiet. They don’t make a lot of noise except for those rare situations. Compared to a canine, a cat won’t voice out or bark every time someone comes to the door, hear a loud sound, see something out of the ordinary like mice, when they’re hungry or when they’re just out for attention. Instead, they’ll just mind their own business or approach you quietly, purring as they go along without making a racket.

Humorous Comedians

They may not know it themselves, but cats are inherent comedians. A laser pointer or a ball of yarn together with a cat, be ready to grab your camera to take snapshots and record videos for your leisure entertainment.

Goodbye Rodents

Felines are natural born predators. Having a pet cat at home is automatically having an anti-rodent measure since they easily hunt down mice that roam around your house. If you find mice annoying and unsanitary, your pet cat will take care of it for you with no problem at all.


Less Destructive

Compared to dogs, cats don’t really make much of a mess in your home. Sure, there might be some mild scratches here and there, but those can easily be concealed or be taken care of. However, ripped sofas, ruined pillows, destroyed boxes and other similar apparels can’t even compare to that.

Less Maintenance

Cats don’t need much attention and maintenance when you compare them with other pets. They don’t need to be walked and they often don’t eat much as well, letting you save on food costs too. Click here for more

Find Out The Better Gambling-Slot Machine vs Horse Racing

Find Out The Better Gambling-Slot Machine vs Horse Racing

In the event that you jump at the chance to gamble and have been to a casino or racino and played slots and furthermore wager on horse races, you may have pondered which one is a superior arrangement. Obviously, that is anything but difficult to answer if all you are searching for is an engaging preoccupation.

In the event that all you look for is excitement then the appropriate response is as basic as asking yourself, “Which one did I appreciate the most?”

Then again, on the off chance that you are occupied with the financial matters of the inquiry, or maybe attempting to extend your dollar somewhat more remote, at that point we should consider a portion of the pluses and minuses of each gambling site. As a matter of first importance, we should discuss the cost the extent that takeout is concerned.

Riverboats as a rule don’t give as great chances as land-based casinos with regards to the payback on diversions. While slots in a few states pay as meager as 70% to shoppers, different spots with more rivalry, similar to Las Vegas, for example, payback more than the state law requires.

[Coffee Drinks from around the World to Elevate Your Palate]

The province of Nevada requires a payback of no less than 75% on slots however numerous casinos pay back more like 95%. Factor in the advantages that they offer and a shrewd purchaser can draw near to 100% esteem in the event that you consider free suppers and different treats they offer. So looking and exploiting the casino motivating forces can bring the cost of playing slots down near even. Obviously, keeping in mind the end goal to play there you must be there and that can be expensive.

With regards to horse hustling, the photo isn’t so ruddy. The takeout on win wagers in the best of states is around 15% however that doesn’t factor in breakage. Practically, the stallion player pays no less than 20% for the benefit of playing the horses. Over that, few race tracks offer free confirmation like casinos do and since Hinsdale shut in New Hampshire, I’m not mindful of any free snacks being served trackside.

There is a splendid side, nonetheless, to the prospects for betting on stallions or puppies, so far as that is concerned. The space machine offers minimal opportunity to enhance the chances while a decent handicapper and an ace of cash administration may really enhance his or her odds of winning at the race track. Fortunes will dependably have an impact in any theoretical human undertaking, however great impeding will surely tip the scales in a steed player’s support.

Then again, in the event that you are entirely a numbers player and don’t get a great deal of delight out of watching stallions race, the casino might be the place for you. I appreciate the races since they are live occasions and the steeds are lovely. It is a genuine live donning occasion with glorious competitors and a lot of good antiquated show. You can’t get that from an opening machine, however I need to concede, the casino buffets are powerful enticing.

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