What Makes a Feline Companion Great?

It isn’t surprising that many homes nowadays keep their own pets. If you’re one of those people who are still just planning on having a pet and still having trouble choosing, a feline companion might just be for you. Cats make great pets for a number of reasons when you compare them with other animals. Aside from being cute, cuddly and adorable, here are a few more reasons which make cats excellent pets at home and might make you want one as your own pet at home.


Whenever it comes to guests and visitors, cats aren’t the wild ones who chase. Instead of making a fuss about it, they usually stay quiet, keep their distance or hide in the favorite spot whenever a guest comes in your home. They make it less threatening for guests since they don’t bark or rush towards people. If they take a liking to visitors, you cat might just purr or gently brush on the legs of your guests.

Less Noise

Cats are often quiet. They don’t make a lot of noise except for those rare situations. Compared to a canine, a cat won’t voice out or bark every time someone comes to the door, hear a loud sound, see something out of the ordinary like mice, when they’re hungry or when they’re just out for attention. Instead, they’ll just mind their own business or approach you quietly, purring as they go along without making a racket.

Humorous Comedians

They may not know it themselves, but cats are inherent comedians. A laser pointer or a ball of yarn together with a cat, be ready to grab your camera to take snapshots and record videos for your leisure entertainment.

Goodbye Rodents

Felines are natural born predators. Having a pet cat at home is automatically having an anti-rodent measure since they easily hunt down mice that roam around your house. If you find mice annoying and unsanitary, your pet cat will take care of it for you with no problem at all.


Less Destructive

Compared to dogs, cats don’t really make much of a mess in your home. Sure, there might be some mild scratches here and there, but those can easily be concealed or be taken care of. However, ripped sofas, ruined pillows, destroyed boxes and other similar apparels can’t even compare to that.

Less Maintenance

Cats don’t need much attention and maintenance when you compare them with other pets. They don’t need to be walked and they often don’t eat much as well, letting you save on food costs too. Click here for more