Ca Phe Da (Vietnam)
A deep rich drip brew coffee that drips over settled condensed milk at the base of a clear cup, Ca Phe da is one drink you need to get on your next trip to Vietnam or the Vietnamese restaurant across town. get a good Banh mi to pair with it while you’re at it.

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Café Miel (Spain)
This coffee has a character, to say the least. Sweetened with honey and a spiced up with a little cinnamon this cup of joe isn’t your average one. Order this the next time you find yourself in Madrid.

Yuan Yang (Malaysia)
Are you caught in that middle ground between “coffee person” and “tea person”? Than Yuan Yang is the drink for you. It’s half and half blend of strong coffee and Asian milk tea and is available piping hot or over ice.

Frappe (Greece)
Far from its Starbucks namesake, this frothy Greek iced coffee is something so simple to make you don’t need to book a flight to Athens to get a taste. Simply shake instant coffee in a tumbler or bar shaker with a small amount of coffee until foam forms and add in your desired amount of sugar and milk and you have yourself a traditional Greek Frappe.

Kaisermelange (Austria)
There’s a reason this country’s coffee culture is considered a piece of UNESCO Intangible Heritage. This drink involves a shot of espresso, a honey-egg mixture and whipped cream. If that doesn’t scream indulgent we don’t know what does!

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