Sunglasses may come in a variety of styles but the functional purpose why we wear them remains the same. These eye wears are meant to shield our eyes from harmful UV rays and shifting intensities of lighting during daylight. The functionality of sunglasses is more pronounced during driving in broad daylight.

During these times, quick intense light shifts can mess with your vision. Light can intrude your eyes from various sources on road. A car traveling towards you may have its metallic surfaces reflect light to your vision or a side mirror may distract you from the road. Driving during the day also means being exposed to varying degrees of UV rays that could shift and intensity at different times of the day.

While stylish sunglasses are an eye candy to opt for, you should buy the best sunglasses for driving in daylight for safety reasons. It’s easy to choose a good pair of sunglasses when you follow these criteria:

Thin arms and large lenses
Never mind the large frames those celebrities popularized as those types of sunglasses can obstruct peripheral vision. Your vision on the road should never be compromised for style.

Quality of lens coating
A coating can affect your visibility depending on the how much light could penetrate through the coat. More dense coatings mean less light penetrating through the lens and is favorable for days where bright light is expected. Some lean coating provides additional scratch resistance which means you’re opting for durable eye wears.

Frame Style
The shape of the frame should complement the shade of your face. It’s not for vanity alone but for functionality as well. Wearing frames not suited to your face’s shape may obstruct some degree of peripheral vision.

Here are some brands are known to produce a pair of quality sunglasses you could try out:

Maui Jim
This company creates stylish patented and polarized sunglasses with top-notch quality. Polarized sunglasses shield your eyes from the effects of lens glares and harmful UV rays. Plus, their glasses are not heavy on the ears and nose which means you can wear them for hours without feeling fatigue.

Smith Optics
They produce lightweight sunglasses specialized in enhancing your peripheral vision during on-road travels. You can expect some padding for the nose and ears with their design that minimizes fatigue when during wear. Furthermore, their sunglasses are ensured durable to last long and even longer when well taken care of.

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Tom Ford Sunglasses
If you’re not a fan of polarized sunglasses, you might want to consider exploring Tom Ford’s selection of quality made sunglasses. These sunglasses specialized in gradients on their lenses enabling a user’s eyes to adjust to various intensities of light during travel in the daytime. They have a selection of glasses with stylish frames and tints to suit any daylight conditions.

There are many more brands out there that could provide you a decent pair of sunglasses. What matters most is choosing function over style when picking out the best sunglasses for you.

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